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C.J. Jackson

Seafood CookbookSeafood ~ Jackson
2011 hardback Dorling Kindersley Ltd. 400 pages

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This cookbook, devoted onto to seafood, contains 300 recipes. That's a lot of recipes for one book to hold - so you're sure to find something in here that catches your fancy.

The "Fish Gallery" section takes the reader through more than 50 varieties of fish. Each species is shown as a whole dish, in full color photos, and then there are directions for how to basically cook and prepare it.

A large chapter is devoted to "techniques". Tools and their uses are described in detail, including oyster knives, picks, crackers, and filet knives. Cuts of fish are clearly pictured. Preparation techniques are shown in step by step color photos. A truly encyclopedic treatise on seafood.


Aliza Green

Fishmonger's ApprenticeThe Fishmonger's Apprentice ~ Green
2010 softcover Wuary Books 208 pages

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Do you even know what a "fishmonger" is? It's quite simply someone who sells fish - and only fish. It's not the fish counter at your supermarker or grocery store. No. It is someone who deals in fish and seafood.

This is not really a cookbook. It's a book about what happens before you start even thinking about the cooking part. It is the celebration of fish and seafood, and how to clean and prepare everything from the sea. If you are an avid fiherman you might be familiar with the techniques in here. But most people are used to buying their fish from a food store. This book encourages you to get to know your local fishmonger instead of going to the grocery store.


Marco Canora with Catherine Young

Salt To Taste - CookbookSalt To Taste ~ Canora and Young
2009 hardback Rodale 271 pages

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While this is not really a "seafood" cookbook, we couldn't ignore it! I mean, the word "salt" is in the title, so we had to look into it, didnt' we?

At first glance it's a beautiful cookbook. It's one of the types where whole pages (sometimes 2 pages) are devoted to a single recipe. Small intro paragraphs talk to you about what's to come, ingredient lists are clear and conscise, and left side columns offer special tips for cooking or subsituting.

Make no mistake, this cookbook is steeped in Chef Canora's Italian heritage. But is is far from the mass produced spaghetti and meatballs cariety of recipes. His pasta e fagioli resmebles a work of art. The recipe for "Lasagne Verde Bolognese" is created with sheets of fresh, thinly rolled spinach pasta and a creamy bechamel sauce. This winter soup favorite is "Ribollita" - made from black cabbage. The artichokes are braised and the eggplant is marinated and grilled. Be prepared to experience the excellence of "simple" cuisine.


John Shields

John Shields Seafood CookbookCoastal Cooking with John Shields ~ John Shields
2004 harback Broadway Books New York 288 pages

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The first thing I did when I got this book was to read the introdtucion, and I was hooked after that. Chef Shields' passion for food, and life, and new culinary experiences warmed my heart and dropped me right into my childhood memories of the shore and clambakes.

The photos are amazing - and they are not of food! They are of magical piles of buoys and lone fisherman and funky lifeguard shacks.

The recipes go from sweet simplicity to outrageously complicated and divine. Simple ~ "Edies Gingered Salmon" and "Whole Roasted Red Snapper with Sofrito". Complex ~ "Miss Shirley's Eastern Shore Crab Cakes" and "Puffy Conch Fritters with Spicy Orange-Dijon Sauce".

There are more than 125 recipes in this lovely book, divided into 7 sections: soups and one-pots; fish; shellfish; poultry and meat; salads; bread and desserts. Although these come from a professional chef, do not be intimidated. Nice clear instructions, not too wordy nor too brief, will put these recipes well within the realm of most decent home cooks.

Leslie Revsin

Great Fish Quick - cookbookGreat Fish, Quick ~ Leslie Revsin
1997 hardback Doubleday New York 308 pages

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She divides this into "White Fleshed Fillets", "Dark Fleshed Fillets" and "Sea Animals with Shells and Armor". I think that's kind of an interesting way to sort out the recipes. The fish are also separated by species, such as bass, cod, grouper, halibut, monkfish, mahi mahi, salmon, etc.

Don't buy this cookbook for the photos, because basically there aren't any. Buy this for the great recipes!

This cookbook has some nice appendices. One of these is titled "Pantry, to Make". In there I found three wonderful basic recipes: roasted garlic; preserved lemons; shrimp/lobster broth.

Ms. Revsin has also organized recipes by ones that take 30 minutes or less, ones that work on the grill, and the recipes that will work for parties.

The best tips are in the last section, titled "Clean Air Tricks", as in , how to get rid of the fish odor in your house. By the book to find the answer!.

Pierre Franey & Bryan Miller

The Seafood CookbookThe Seafood Cookbook ~ Pierre Franey & Bryan Miller
1986 hardback Times Books and Brown Pub. 296 pages

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Even though the date of this cookbook is "old", the recipes are far from dated. They are classic and timeless. The section on "Broling and Grilling" offers numerous fresh tasting and simple to prepare recipes. These delicious items include "Brolied Scallops & Shrimp on Skewers" and "Grilled Salmon with Fennel Butter".

The cookbook is divided into the following chapters: mousses, salads, baking, pan-frying and sauteeing, deep-frying, poaching, steaming and braising, and of course, much more! There are more than 20 pages of sauces and dips as well.

If you like any of Pierre Franey's other cookbooks, such as Cuisine Rapide, you won't be dissapointed with this one. Although this lacks the typical pictures of food that cookbooks often sport, the sheer number of recipes in here more than makes up for this. The recipes are written with great clarity and care and many are truly excellent.

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