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Advertising opportunities on Saltboater & include targeted niche markets for the saltwater fishing enthusiast.
These include:

  • Advertising for Fishing Charters
  • Advertising for Marine Supplies & Boat Equipment
  • Advertising for Kayak Sales and Supplies
  • Advertising for Bait and Tackle Shops
  • Advertising for Boat Insurance
  • We Can Create a Page Devoted to Solely your Business. Call us and we can let you know just how affordable this option can be.
  • Have a Privately Owned Ramp, Advertise with us!

Go directly to the markets that matter to you most ~ local advertising works!

Our local pages are already devoted to the customers you want to reach.

Call us 1-203-470-3143 or E-mail: Us

Ad Rates

Online internet advertising is a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising methods.

Our niche website pages will drive customers to your pages and to the products and services that you are selling.


Do you own a bait shop or a bait & tackle store?

See some sample ad configuations and see how affordable advertising can be!

Do you have a marine supply or boat equipment business?

See how we can help your marine supply business get noticed.



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