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Gourmet oil encompasses everything from the finest extra virgin olive oil to oils infused with herbs, fruit or flowers. It can be an oil that is used in the cooking process or as a finishing oil. Dipping oils are another kind of gourmet oil. The most widely known form of gourmet oils are made from olives. However, exquisite oils are also made from pumpkin seeds, avocados, and grape seeds.

extra virgin olive oils            extra virgin olive oils             extra virgin olive oils

Extra Virgin Olive Oils

All olive oils are not created equal! When an oil is labelled "extra virgin olive oil" this means that it is produced from the first cold pressing of the olives and the acidity is 1 % or less. These are the finest oils with the fruitiest flavors. Generally the darker the olive oil, the more intense the taste will be. Olives are a fruit, and the oil should be stored in a dark cool place so that it does not turn rancid.

Allegrini and Hazan olive oilExtra Virgin Olive Oil ~ from ApuliaPurchase EVOO online
origin: Italy
maker: Allegrini and Hazan
17 fl ounces ~ $27.95  

This olive oil comes from a premier region in Italy - Apulia.
It is made from a single varietal - Ogliarola olives. The flavor is considered smooth.

A & H Selctions is the brand name used by Guiliano Hazan and Marilisa Allegrini, who also founded a cooking school near Verona. This is the first offering from their new company.


Gianfranco Becchina olive oil from ItalyOlio Verde Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil ~ 2010 HarvestPurchase gourmet oil online
origin: Italy
maker: Gianfranco Becchina
16.9 fl ounces ~ $34.85  

Best used as a finishing oil, this is a remarkable olive oil. It is strong, full flavored and unfiltered. Notes of fesh mown grass and fresh green olives. The color is a medium dense green.

The olive oil is a combination of olive varieties, including Nocellara del Bellice and Bianco Lila, all grown on the Becchina estate. The olives are picked during the white phase to capture a strong green flavor and equally intense green color.


EVOO from ItalyExtra Virgin Olive Oil ~ from Chiusa del Monte Cupo EstateBuy olive oil from Italy
origin: Italy
maker: Alberto Cipolloni
17 fl ounces ~ $39.95  

This multi-varietal oil is made from 80% Moraiolo olives, 10% Frantoio olices and 10% Leccino and Maurino olives. Sweet and delicate in composition. Hints of bitter and spice in the flavor.


High quality EVOO Laudemio from Italy Extra Virgin Olive Oil ~ 2011 HarvestPurchase Italian olive oil online
origin: Italy
maker: Frescobaldi Laudemio
16.9 fl ounces ~ $41.95  

Laudemio is considered a "type" or "classification" of extra virgin olive oil. Olive growers from Tuscany created this concept in 1986. It refers to a set of standards that participants must adhere to if they are to use this name. Each producer personalizes their version of Laudemio.

Frescobaldi Laudemio's are considered exceptional. They come from an estate in the hills of Chianti Ruffina. The 2011 Harvest's are a blend of varietals: 80% Frantoio, 10% Moraiolo and 10% Leccino olives. They are fruity oils with a vibrant green color. There are hints of artichoke and pepper. The productions are extremely limited.


Corposo EVOO from ItalyExtra Virgin Olive Oil ~ Corposo (full taste)Purchase the best gourmet olive oil available from Salt Chef
origin: Italy
maker: Frantoio di Montecroce
17 fl ounces ~ $26.50  

Purchase Montecroce EVOO onlineExtra Virgin Olive Oil ~ Gentile (sweet taste)Buy Montecroce olive oil online
origin: Italy
maker: Frantoio di Montecroce
17 fl ounces ~ $26.50  

Extra Virgin Olive Oil ~ Black Label Garda Bresciano DOPPurchase Black Label Garda Bresciano extra virgine olive oil
origin: Italy
maker: Frantoio di Montecroce
17 fl ounces ~ $44.95  

The Ramanzini family is the producer of these fine extra virgin olive oils. They bottle under the name of Frantoio di Montecroce. All of their oils are a blend of varietals as they feel this produces a more balanced oil. Located on the south side of Lake Garda, in Desenzano, they use olives from their own land and some from surrounding lands. The olives they use are Leccino, Casaliva, Pendolino, Frantoio, Maurino, and Moraiolo.

The Corposo has notes of unripe olives, artichokes and green tomatoes. It is a full and flavorfull oil. Mostly from Frantoio, Maurino, Moraiolo, and Pendolino olives.

The Delicato is a bright green gold color and complex in aroma and taste. A hint of artichoke and herbs and celery. This tends toward the spicy side. Mostly from Leccino, Casaliva, Pendolino, and Frantoio olives. Ideal on grilled fish.

The Gentile variety has a rich taste with hints of herbs and vegetables. Mostly from Leccino, Casaliva, Pendolino, and Frantoio olives. Very low acidity, a tiny bit of spicy after taste - the perfect choice for fish.

Garda Bresciano DOP is mostly from Casaliva, Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino olives. It has a fruity taste combined with bitter and spice. Many subtle notes on this elegant oil. Outstanding as a finishing oil for white flesh saltwater fish. Try this and experience the difference for yourself.


Purchase EVOO from SpainUnfiltered Extra Virgin Olive OilSpanish extra virgin olive oil
origin: Spain
maker: Miguel and Valentino
15.2 fl ounces ~ $21.50  

This extra virgin olive oil is made from Arbequina olives, grown in Catalonia, Spain, which are known for their buttery and fruity flavor. This is delicate in overall flavor. Guaranteed to have a maximum acidity of 0.3%.

A lovely oil to use on fish. And, it comes in an attractive glass jug with a wax seal over the cork. This would be a terrific gift for a someone who is passionate about food and cooking.


Organic EVOO from SpainOrganic Extra Virgin Olive OilPurchase imported EVOO from Spain
origin: Spain
maker: L'Estornell
25.3 fl ounces ~ $27.95  

This organic oil is made by the Vea family in Catalonia, Spain and bottled under the name of L'Estornell. It is made from a single varietal - Arbequina olives.

The taste is sweet and nutty and delicate. Appropriate for use as a finishing oil and a dipping oil. They guarantee the acidity to be 0.5% and under.


Tagornar makes excellent extra virgin olive oil Extra Virgin Olive OilBuy Spanish olive oils online
origin: Spain
maker: Tagornar
16.9 fl ounces ~ $14.50  

Made from both Arbequina and Verdiell olives, this oil is sweet and fruity. This is produced on the Mas del Sennyor estate in northeast Spain.

Freezing winters and dry summers help to produce this marvelous Spanish extra virgin olive oil. Try some for yourself and experience the difference in taste a great olive oil can make.


EVOO created by Chef Boyer is available for purchase online through SaltChef.comLe Authentique Extra Virgin Olive OilPurchase Le Authentique extra virgin olive oil
origin: France
maker: Gerard Boyer
24 fl ounces ~ $75.95  

This oil was created by Chef Gerard Boyer. It is considered his best oil and is referred to as a liquid gold elixir.

The beautiful packaging of an elegant bottle, a velevet wrap and a pouring spout make this a stunning presentation gift.


Morgenster Stellenbosch EVOO made in the Somerset West town of South Africa.Extra Virgin Olive OilBuy the highest quality olive oils and gourmet oils online through
origin: South Africa
maker: Morgenster Stellenbosch
16.9 fl ounces ~ $25.95  

When an olive oil produced in South Africa receives accolades as the best blended olive oil in the world by the Italian Olive Oil Bible, then you know you have an extremely high quality product.

This extra virgin olive oil is made from a blend of Frantoio, Leccino, Coratina, and Favoloza olives. The olives are grown on the slopes of the Morgenster Estate in Somerset West, South Africa. The majority of the olives are hand picked. The oil is totally natural. There are no preservatives or additives. And the oil is not filtered or refined. This has a full body, slightly peppery taste.

Morgenster Stellenbosch is world renown for their wines, olive oils, and their estate restaurant. They also have a chef that typifies a salt chef! Craig Cormack, the chef at Sophia's at Morgenster, has created a unique dining experience. He holds dinners that pair salt and wine, and include a tasting of 6 salts.



Agrumato & Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Italian argrumato olive oil with lemon is perfect on fishAgrumato Lemon Extra Virgin Olive OilPurchase Italian Agrumato Lemon olive oil made by Ricci
origin: Italy
maker: Ricci
7.04 fl ounces ~ $24.50  

Citrus fruit and olives are ground together and then pressed together in a traditional stone mill. This process produces what is known as an "agrumato" - and it has a very different flavor than those of infused oils.

The is Agrumato Lemon and is is a delicate oil, balancing the flavor of olives and lemon zest. It is made by the Ricci family in Abruzzo, where they harvest the olives by hand. Truly perfect over grilled fish!


EVOO dipping oil imported from Il Boschetto in Italy is high qualityDipping Oil ~ Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Caprese HerbsBuy dipping oils online
origin: Italy
maker: Il Boschetto
8.4 fl ounces ~ $17.50  

This oil is beautifully filled with Caprese Herbs, and includes garlic, basil and tomato. The oil is a gold green color.

Produced by Il Boschetto, in Tuscany, they strive to provide and excellent product and an equally pleasing presentation of the product. Appropriate of course as a dipping oil, this can also be used as a finishing oil.


EVOO infused with rosemary imported from SpainRosemary Infused Extra Virgin Olive OilBuy dipping oils online
origin: Spain
maker: Mas Portell
8.5 fl ounces ~ $13.95  

The creation of this infused oil begins with the first cold pressing of extra virgin olive oil made from Arbequina olives grown in the Lleida province of Catalonia, Spain. Wild rosemary, grown in the same province, is then added to the EVOO.

This oil is perfect when paired with grilled fish; just brush the olive oil on the fish before grilling. Rachel Ray has an excellent recipe for red snapper that uses rosemary infused olive oil.


EVOO infused with Mediterranean herbs and spices imported from SpainPizzolio Infused Extra Virgin Olive OilBuy dipping oils online
origin: Spain
maker: Mas Portell
17 fl ounces ~ $13.75  

Arbequina olives are harvested from the province of Lleida in Spain. The harvesting process is done by hand to ensure only the best olives are used in the production of these quality olive oils. This oil is the first extraction, and is naturally decanted and filtered.

This extra virgin olive oil is infused with rosemary, oregano, homegrown chilies and thinly sliced garlic. Use this oil for a perfect taste on your grilled fish or seafood. Toss it around on pasta - or even top off your homemade pizza with this marvelous creation.


Imported extra virgin olive oil with black trufflesBlack Truffle Oil ~ Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Black TruffleBuy imported black truffle oil online from
origin: Italy
maker: Ranieri
8.5 fl ounces ~ $8.25  

This infused oil is made by the Ranieri family in Umbria. They start with the finest of extra virgin olive oils and infuse it with black truffles. If you have never tried truffle oil, now is the time!


Italian EVOO infused with white trufflesWhite Truffle Oil ~ Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with White TruffleBuy imported high quality truffle oils and gourmet oils
origin: Italy
maker: Ranieri
8.5 fl ounces ~ $8.25  

The hills of Umbria, in Italy, are home to the Ranieri family where they specialize in fine condiments.

This one starts with fine extra virgin olive oil and it is then infused with white truffles. When used sparingly, this is an incredible flavor not to be missed!


Other types of gourmet oils

Pumpkin seed oil imported from AustriaPumpkin Seed OilBuy Cucina Viva pumpkin seed oil imported from Austria
origin: Austria
maker: Cucina Viva
8.5 fl ounces ~ $24.95  

This all starts with a specific variety of pumpkin seeds that are roasted and then pressed. Produced in Austria, this is a regional product, that has a nutty flavor and aroma. The color is a dark green. It can be used as a seasoning or a finishing oil.


Avocado oil by Terra Mater in ChileAvocado OilBuy avocado oil imported from Chile
origin: Chile
maker: TerraMater
8.5 fl ounces ~ $15.29  

This is made from Chilean Hass avocados, and nothing else. It is extra virgin, meaning it is from the first cold extracted pressing.

Avocado oil has a high smoke point, of 255° C and no cholesterol. It has a slightly nutty, yet delicate flavor. A lovely product to use for sauteed seafood!


French imported oil made from grape seedsGrapeseed OilBuy grapeseed oil imported from France
origin: France
maker: Huileries de Lapalisse
33 fl ounces ~ $15.80  

This type of oil is a byproduct of wine making, so it makes perfect sense to find this offered from a French company. The oil has no aftertaste, a high smoke point, and is considered a very stable oil.

Grapeseed oil is high in vitamin E. It can be used as a cooking oil, and has a subtle buttery flavor.


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