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Executive chef jackets
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Executive Chefs Jacket
White with Black Piping

This outstanding executive chefs coat is made from 100% long fiber Egyptian cotton ~ a truly luxurious and soft fabric. Created with a crossover neckline and extended shoulder outline for comfort and sophistication. There is double needle top stitching around the armholes and across the back yoke giving the jacket an extra added touch of elegance.

French cuffs accent the long sleeves and those are finished with black piping, as is the collar of the jacket. To keep the jacket closed properly and looking smart there are 2 clear buttons on the inside neckline.

To add to your level of comfort when wearing this garment, there are two small stainless steel grommet vents under each arm hole. This allows air flow in the jacket and helps keep you cool.

The left sleeve has a pocket for a thermometer or pen. The jacket is further adorned with twelve soft hand rolled buttons. When you need to present your most professional and sophisticated look, this high quality chef's coat an excellent choice.

Luxury chef jacket
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Luxury Epicure Chefs Jacket

This top quality executive chefs coat is made with 100% long fiber Egyptian cotton. Created in the classic, double breasted style, this sports a mandarin collar. The jacket is slightly oversized, allowing for a more comfortable fit. The shoulders have an extended drop. The long sleeves end in attractive French cuffs.

The left sleeve has a small pocket sewn in to accommodate a thermometer or a pen. The yoke in back has double need top stitching. To help keep you cool in the hot kitchen, stainless steel vents are sewn in under each arm.

This chefs coat really is truly luxurious! Spoil yourself today, or surprise the chef in your life with a great new jacket.

Executive chefs coat with black piping
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Executive Chefs Coat with Double Black Piping

The style of this executive chef coat is polished and sophisticated. The fabric is luxurious and soft. It is made from 100% long fiber Egyptian cotton. The styling of the coat is loose and comfortable. The two vertical lines of black piping on the front of the jacket give you a sleek and tailored appearance, allowing for the illusion of a trimmer profile.

The left side of the jacket sports a European style welted breast pocket. The left sleeve also has a small built in pocket, perfect for a pen or thermometer. There are small stainless steel grommet vents under each arm hole. These provide airflow inside the jacket and help keep you cool.

When it is imperative that you look like the executive chef that you are, for the front of the house, and be comfortable cooking in the back, this is the perfect choice of chef garb.

chef tunic with short sleeves
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White Chefs Tunic Jacket with Short Sleeves

Looking for a change from the regular chef's coat? This short sleeved tunic style is a pullover. No more fussing with buttons!

This is made from the proprietary Ultra Lite PC – an amazing poly cotton blend fabric. The fabric resists stains, wicks away moisture and comes out of your washer/dryer looking like new.

The neck is adjustable and can be attached in two different places, allowing for more or less neck room in the collar. The shoulders are oversized and extended, giving you extra room to maneuver your arms and shoulders. There's a handy pocket for a thermometer in the left sleeve.

The collar is finished with sharp looking white piping, lending the tunic a certain air of sophistication, while not breaking the budget on new work attire!

100 percent cotton chefs coats
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Black Cotton Epicure Chefs Jacket

Made from 100% cotton, this epicure style jacket is soft and lightweight, yet durable enough to hold up through the rigors of kitchen life! This fabric is a nice 7 ounce twill cotton that is made to resist pilling and shrinking.

The style is a traditional double breasted design with a mandarin collar. The shoulders are slightly oversized and have an extended drop, allowing for great ease of movement. Full length sleeves yield French cuffs at the end. Double needle top stitching across the back yoke reinforces the jacket and gives it a polished look.

This high quality jacket has a small left sleeve pocket, just the right size for a thermometer or a pen. The front is finished with twelve self covered buttons. An outstanding product made in America.

Executive chef coats that are easy care
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Executive Chefs Jacket with Black Piping Poly/Cotton

When you're looking for an easy care executive chef jacket, this is the perfect choice!

This is made from the amazing Ultra PC 3000 fabric. It is a 7 ounce poly/cotton twill that resists stains, wicks away moisture, and comes out of the wash ready to go!

The jacket has a crossover neckline that gives it a classic executive chef look. The shoulders are extended, for added comfort. This is double needle top stitched around the armholes and across the back yoke, which adds both reinforcement and style to the coat.

For finishing touches, the collar and French cuffs are trimmed with black piping. The jacket will stay properly closed with the two clear buttons on the inside neck line. Venting under the arms helps keep you cool. As with all higher end coats, there is a small pocket in the left sleeve. This is perfect for a pen or thermometer. Twelve fabric covered buttons complete the jacket.


Mens Chef Coat Sizing
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All about these American made chef coats

About the Ultra PC 3000 Fabric:  Ultra PC 3000 is a remarkable American made fabric. It's a 7 ounce brushed twill that's a blend of 65% poly and 35% cotton. This fabric is designed to repel stains. Even better, when you wash this, the dirt that comes off your garment will not redeposit on the other clothes in the wash. The fabric also has a moisture wicking property. So, when it gets hot in the kitchen, and you perspire, that moisture is wicked away from your body by the fabric. This aids in the natural evaporation of sweat, and helps to keep you cool. The clothes made out of this fabric come out of the wash ready to go. No ironing is needed – just a good shake and they look great! Once you buy a garment made out of Ultra PC 3000 you'll be hooked!

About the Ultra Lite PC Fabric:  Ultra Lite PC is very similar to the Ultra PC 3000 fabric ~ it's just a lighter weight fabric. It's a 5 ounce fine line twill, with a tighter weave and a higher thread count. It's much smoother to the touch than the PC 3000. It breathes the same way and repels the dirt the same way. It has the same moisture wicking capacity, and requires the same care. No ironing – just put it in the washer and dryer, give it a good shake, and the clothes come out of the wash like you pressed them.


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