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Australian Hats ~ Canvas

Exceptional canvas hats that will stand the test of time are hard to find. Well, look no more!

The Cool As A Breeze line of outdoor hats is amazing. They are made of waterproof canvas and both the ladies and mens hats have a generous 3 inch wide brim. The crown of the hat is an open solar mesh which allows the nice cool breezes to flow through, keeping your head protected and cool at the same time.

The style is that of a classic Aussie bush hat ~ a combination of rugged, practical and attractive. Want to know the best part of these great outdoor hats? They Are Crushable! No kidding. Each brim is reinforced with a flexible wire that coils up when pushed down. Let go of the hat, or stop sitting on it, and it pops back to its original shape.

These hats are great for fishing or just walking the beach. Each hat is handmade by BC Hats in Byron Bay, Australia. This family company is dedicated to quality and service, and they consider each hat they make to be a work of art. Pretty neat!

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