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Advertising for Marine Supplies & Boat Equipment

Do you sell marine equipment?

Do you sell boating equipment?

Do you want to reach local Florida customers?

Advertise your business on pages already reaching your customers.

From Escambia county in western Florida to North Carolina ~ we have pages devoted to where to catch fish.

Our visitors are your customers! They are looking for places to launch their boat and go fishing. Reach out to them while their boat is on their mind.

We can create the ad for you.
If you have a website, we can incorporate your colors and logos. The ad can resemble the theme of your website.

Don't have a website? No problem! We'll work with you to design a great ad!

We are a growing site. Our stats continue to climb. Take advantage of our initial low advertising rates to grow your own business!

We want happy customers that will stay with us and us with them.


Hassle free, affordable, advertising is as easy as 1-2-3.

Call us 1-203-470-3143 Then:

1 – Pick the ad size and the location(s) you want the ad placed.
2 – You send us your properly sized ad or we can design a
      basic ad for free (*)
3 – Once your invoice is paid the ad goes up in your selected locations.

Ad SizeAd PlacementCost for
6 months
Sample Ad
Large Skyscraper Ad
Vertical Left side
$20 / year
   only $1.66/month
Large Skyscraper Ad
Vertical right side of map
$20 / year
   only $1.66/month
Large Banner Ad
(600x 160)
Horizontal bottom of map
or within a specific listing
$20 / year
   only $1.66/month

The fine print:

  • When we design the ad, we'll talk to you about your business and try to come up with a format that works for both of us. Basically the ad will be composed of a background color, a font, a font color. If you have a logo or graphic, we may be able to incorporate that. You can choose to "feature" your phone number, address, your website, or another way for customers to find you. Depending on the ad size, a tag line or additional words may fit nicely into the ad space. If need be, we'll come up with a second design if the first one doesn't suit you. If we design the ad, then we own the artwork.
  • * If you already have an ad design, you might be able to use that, as long as it is a format acceptable to Saltboater &
  • All linking to a third party site from an ad will open in a new browser window.
  • Links to third party sites need to remain “live”, and going to an appropriate site, for the ad duration. If we find a broken link, we'll call you or send you an email. We want errors to get resolved as much as you do! We reserve the right to remove the ad or remove the link if the link is dead or re-directed inappropriately.
  • Advertisers are selected at the sole discretion of Saltboater & We reserve the right to refuse any advertiser.
  • Billing can be by PayPal or check. The payment must clear before the ad goes live on the website.
  • Ads are sold for 12 month blocks at a time. Hey – they're really affordable, so why not take advantage of this and lock in the savings?
  • We'll notify you at least 30 days before your ad duration is up. If rates have changed, you'll have the option to renew at the new rate.


Stats: June 2015:

Visitors– 54,500

Why you would benefit from advertising on the local fishing pages of

Our visitors are both recreational and professional fishermen. And, they have boats!
Boaters need to replace parts, to upgrade their equipment, and to buy the latest and greatest electronics and equipment. Your marine supply business has what they need. Go get 'em!


Call Us: 1-203-470-3143
Monday - Saturday: 8am-6pm EST


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