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Fort Pickens Area
Beach Accesses




Fort Pickens Public Beach Accesses ~ Gulf Islands National Seashore
perdidio key johnson beach

West ~ Dead End ~ Next area to the west Johnson Beach ~ Perdidio Key
Below are Fort Pickens Area of Gulf Islands National Seashore Accesses
Access NameGPSParkingGulf or
Sound Access
Main Area
Prior to entrance area for
Fort Pickens
Listed on Fort Pickens Chart also
30° 19'32.51" N   87° 10'51.67" W  400 spots +/-• Gulf
• Sound
• Pavilions
• Restrooms
Entrance Station
Fort Pickens
30° 19'33.43" N   87° 11'42.58" W 
Lot 2130° 19'22.42" N   87° 12'30.33" W 28 Spots +/-• Gulf
• None
Lot 2230° 19'08.11" N   87° 14'29.80" W28 Spots +/-• Gulf
• None
Unnamed30° 19'05.89" N   87° 15'34.09" W125 Spots +/-
Including lot on Soundside
of the road
• Gulf
• Restrooms
Soundside Large Pavilion30° 19'21.04" N   87° 16'43.86" W130 Spots +/-• Sound
• Pavilion
Fort & Pier Area 30° 19'46.43" N   87° 17'22.08" W150 Spots +/-
Scattered around
in various areas
• Sound
• Restrooms
East ~ Towards Pensacola Beach

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Public Beach Accesses Fort Pickens Area of Gulf Islands National Seashore
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Areas in Escambia County Florida Include; Barrineau Park, Bellview, Beulah, Brent, Cantonment, Century, Ensley, Ferry Pass, Gonzalez, Goulding, Innerarity Point, McDavid, Molino, Myrtle Grove, Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, Perdido Key, Walnut Hill, Warrington and West Pensacola.
Bodies of Salt and Brackish Waters in Escambia County Include; Bayou Chico, Bayou Garcon, Bayou Grande, Bayou Texar, Big Lagoon, Bridge Creek, Escambia Bay, Escambia River, Gulf of Mexico, Little Sabine Bay, Macky Bay, Murphys Cove, Pensacola Bay, Perdido Bay, Perdido River, Redoubt Bayou, Santa Rosa Sound, Sherman Cove, Spanish Cove, Tarklin Bay and Tarklin Bayou.

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