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Civitan Fishing Pier
civitan fishing pier warrington florida 404 2nd Street
Warrington, FL 32507

GPS 30° 22'56.40" N    87° 16'29.47" W
( Foot of pier )

weather near Civitan Fishing Pier Florida   Tides near Civitan Fishing Pier escambia county fl


The Civitan Fishing pier extends out over the water of Davenport Bayou 60' and has a 40' "T" at the end and offers; Picnic shelters, port-o-lets, playground and shoreline fishing.

civitan fishing pier on davenport bayoupavilion at civitan park warrington flgrillplayground


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Fort Pickens Fishing Pier
fort pickens gulf island national seashore fishing pier 1300 Fort Pickens Road
Gulf Islands National Seashore
Gulf Breeze, FL 32561

There is a small fee to enter the area.
Hours; Sun-up through Sundown
( Unless you are a camper on-site )

GPS 30° 19'49.83" N    87° 17'35.28" W
( Foot of pier )

weather near Fort Pickens Fishing Pier Florida   Tides near Fort Pickens Fishing Pier escambia county fl


The Fort Pickens fishing pier extends 180' out over the waters of Pensacola Bay near the Inlet. It is best to call prior to be sure the pier is open and the park is accessible, the park service allows mother nature a fairly free hand and the road can close on a regular basis due to drifting sand and storms. A fee is charged to enter the park, the pier holds a license that allows users to fish without obtaining a seperate Florida fishing license. There are restrooms near the pier.

Map of Gulf Islands National Seashore

fort pickens fishing piersaltwater pier fishing at fort pickenswildlife viewingrestrooms at fort pickens pier


Juanita Williams Park Fishing Pier
505 Edgewater Drive
Pensacola, FL 32507

GPS 30° 24'09.81" N    87° 16'02.27" W
( Foot of pier )

weather near juanita williams fishing pier pensacola, Florida   Tides


The Juanita Williams Park pier extends 55' out over the waters of Bayou Chico, a 25'x16' deck area at the end.
Juanita Williams Park sits on 2 acres along the waterfront of Bayou Chico and also offers; Shoreline fishing, pavilion, playground and restrooms.

Miraflores Park Pier - North 17th Avenue Park
East Wright Street & North 17th Avenue
Pensacola, FL 32502

GPS 30° 25'14.44" N    87° 11'38.01" W
( Entrance )

weather near miraflores park pier pensacola, Florida   Tides


The Miraflores Park pier along mouth of Bayou Texar near the railroad bridge has a covered area which is about 18' x 18' close to the shoreline. No restrooms at this location.

Navarre Beach Fishing Pier ~ Santa Rosa County
navarre beach fishing pier 8579 Gulf Boulevard
Navarre Beach, FL 32566

GPS 30° 22'49.01" N    86° 51'49.62" W
( Foot of pier )

weather near Navarre Beach Fishing Pier Florida   Tides near Navarre Beach Fishing Pier santa rosa county fl


The Navarre Beach fishing pier is 1500' in length over the waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

navarre beach fishing pier


Pensacola Bay Fishing Bridge ~ Wayside Park
pensdacola bay fishing bridge 1401 East Gregory Street
Pensacola, FL 32502

GPS 30° 25'06.78" N    87° 11'38.72" W
( Entrance to park )

GPS 30° 24'52.96" N    87° 11'31.73" W
( Foot of fishing bridge )

weather near Pensacola Bay Fishing Bridge Florida   Tides near Pensacola Bay Fishing Bridge escambia county fl


The Pensacola Bay fishing bridge is 2500' in length. A small fee is charged for fishing, this fee is payable at the honor box, they do check for proper payment of the fee here. When you pay the fee at the honor box, this allows you to fish from the pier without having to obtain a seperate Florida fishing license, this is great opportunity for out of state persons wanting to wet a line without incurring a great expense. Each fisherman is obligated to pay the fee. You can drive your non-RV vehicle directly onto the pier and up to your fishing spot. Please be sure to observe the parking signs on the bridge.

pensacola bay fishing bridgesaltwater fishing pensacola bridge pierlitter receptacles at pensacola bridge pierport-o-lets


Pensacola Causeway Fishing Pier ~ On Southern Side ~ Bob Sikes
400 Pensacola Beach Boulevard
Pensacola Beach, FL 32561

GPS 30° 20'38.27" N    87° 09'01.21" W
( Foot of the pier )

The Bob Sikes Pensacola Causeway fishing pier is 1700' in length.

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Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier
pensacola beach fishing pier 41 Fort Pickens Road
Pensacola Beach, Florida 32561

GPS 30° 19'51.14" N    87° 08'33.81" W
( Foot of the pier )

NOAA Navarre Beach 8729678

weather near Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier Florida   Tides near Pensacola Beach Fishing Pier escambia county fl


The Pensacola Beach fishing pier is 1400' in length. The pier has a bait and tackle shop, benches and restrooms. The pier holds a fishing license which allows customers that purchase a fishing ticket to fish from this pier without obtaining a seperate Florida fishing license, this is great for people that want to fish in Florida, but do not want the expense of obtaining an out of state license.

pensacola beach fishing piersaltwater pensacola beach fishing pierbenches on the pensacola beach fishing pierbait shop at pensacola beach fishing pierrestrooms at pensacola beach fishing pier


Sanders Beach Park Fishing Pier
913 South I Street
Pensacola, FL 32502

GPS 30° 24'00.99" N    87° 14'09.26" W
( Foot of the pier )

The Sanders Beach fishing pier is 100' in length over the southern end of Pensacola Bay. Small waterside pavilions, playground and restrooms are over near the boat ramp.

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Public Fishing Piers & Bridges in Escambia County Florida
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Areas in Escambia County Florida Include; Barrineau Park, Bellview, Beulah, Brent, Cantonment, Century, Ensley, Ferry Pass, Gonzalez, Goulding, Innerarity Point, McDavid, Molino, Myrtle Grove, Pensacola, Pensacola Beach, Perdido Key, Walnut Hill, Warrington and West Pensacola.
Bodies of Salt and Brackish Waters in Escambia County Include; Bayou Chico, Bayou Garcon, Bayou Grande, Bayou Texar, Big Lagoon, Bridge Creek, Escambia Bay, Escambia River, Gulf of Mexico, Little Sabine Bay, Macky Bay, Murphys Cove, Pensacola Bay, Perdido Bay, Perdido River, Redoubt Bayou, Santa Rosa Sound, Sherman Cove, Spanish Cove, Tarklin Bay and Tarklin Bayou.

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