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Bay Front Park Fishing Pier
6200 Bayfront Park Drive
Daphne, AL 36526


GPS 30° 37'48.01" N    87° 55'07.51" W
( foot of pier )

Meaher State Park Tide Station

The Bay Front Park fishing pier is about 160' in length over the waters of Mobile Bay with a 30' tee at the end, the park alsooffers; Large “pocket” beach, boardwalk, playground, pavilions, restrooms, park building, and an improved parking lot. The ‘pocket’ beach provides protected access to the waters of Mobile Bay for swimming, paddling, windsurfing as well as other activities like shore fishing or crabbing. Playground equipment and covered picnic tables with grills are also availble. Bird watching is popular activity also. You can also access the 2 fishing piers at Village Point Park Preserve from here.

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Canal Park Fishing Deck
50 West Canal Drive
Gulf Shores, AL 36561

Dawn to Dusk

GPS 30° 16'44.00" N    87° 41'11.85" W
( next to boat ramp )

Tide station nearby.

The Canal Park fishing deck offers; portolets.

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Cliffs Landing Fishing Pier
7555 Cliffs Landing Road #1
Bay Minette, AL 36507

GPS 30° 51'47.53" N    87° 53'44.01" W
( foot of pier )

Lower Hall Tide Station on Tensaw River Information

The Cliff's Landing fishing pier along the Tensaw River offers; 45' in length over the water with a 65' "L" at the end, picnic pavilion with 3 tables and portolets. A boat ramp is on site also. Please be courteous to boats.

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Fairhope Municipal Pier
1 North Beach Road
Fairhope, AL 36532

Open 24 hours

GPS 30° 31'27.27" N    87° 54'45.90" W
( Foot of pier )

Tide Station Clear Point near Fairhope Municipal pier

The Fairhope Municipal pier is 1400' in length over the eastern shores of Mobile Bay. Restrooms are available.

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Fort Morgan Pier
110 AL-180
Gulf Shores, AL 36542

GPS 30° 13'54.48" N    88° 01'04.46" W
( Foot of pier )

Mobile Point | Fort Morgan Tide Station

The Fort Morgan pier is 500' in length in an "L" shape, fishing is only permitted on the outside as the boat ramp area is on the other.

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Gulf State Park Pier
20800 E Beach Boulevard
Gulf Shores, AL 36542


GPS 30° 14'59.32" N    87° 40'03.87" W
( Foot of pier )

Current length over water prior to repairs which should start November 2023 is 680'.

Not on navigation yet.

Harrison Park Pier
5074 Bayou Drive
Orange Beach, AL 36561

GPS 30° 17'54.99" N    87° 33'14.13" W
( Foot of pier )

Arnica Bay / Mill Point Tide Station

Harrison Park fishing pier is about 75' in length over the water.

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Josephine Park Pier
28888 Josephine Drive
Elberta, AL 36530

GPS 30° 19'35.13" N    87° 32'00.72" W
( Foot of pier )

Arnica Bay / Mill Point Tide Station.

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The Josephine Park pier along Roberts Bayou is 25' in length with a 50' tee at the end. There is a picnic table nearby and the portolet is near the parking lot.

Lagoon Pass Park Pier
Closest address is;
   1640 W Beach Boulevard #1
   Gulf Shores, AL 36542

GPS 30° 14'34.09" N    87° 44'08.46" W
( Foot of pier )

Gulf State Park Pier Tide Station

The Little Lagoon Pass Park pier is 200' in length over the water and has a platform at the end measuring 40' x 15'. The park is situated directly on Little Lagoon Pass and is perfect for a beach day with the family. Public parking, restrooms and outdoor showers are available on the north side, and the public beach is across the road.

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Lillian Fishing Pier
12408 S 7th Street
Lillian, AL 36549

GPS 30° 24'21.44" N    87° 26'11.60" W
( Foot of pier )

Tide Station Arnic Bay / Mill Point

The Lillian fishing pier on Perdido Bay offers; 250' long fishing pier and restrooms.
A boat ramp is on site also.

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Manatee Park Pier
Closest intersection is;
   Grounds Lane & US-98
   Foley, AL 36535
From the above intersection go on Grounds Lane ¼ of mile to the park. Grounds Lane make a right hand turn near the park, continue straight.

GPS 30° 24'55.41" N    87° 49'25.01" W
( Foot of pier )

Point Clear Mobile Bay Tide Station.

Not on navigation yet.

The Manatee Park fishing pier is 50' in length with a 45' tee at the end and offers; 5 parking spaces and portolet.

May Day Park Pier
Closest intersection is;
   College Avenue & Captain O'Neal Drive
   Daphne, AL 36526
From the above intersection go west on College Avenue into the park, parking lot is on left. 251-621-3703

GPS 30° 35'57.82" N    87° 54'50.42" W
( Foot of pier )

Tide Station Meaher State Park

The May Day Park pier is 290' in length with a 60' tee at the end with a shade structure. There are 4 handicap parking spaces down near the pier and boat ramp. Restrooms are up near the main parking area. Picnic tables and grills are available. A small playground is on site also.

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Meaher State Park Pier
5200 Battleship Parkway East
Spanish Fort, AL 36527


GPS 30° 40'05.38" N    87° 56'10.67" W
( Foot of pier )

Meaher State Park Tide Stataion.

300' in length with a 210' tee at the end. Restrooms are nearby.

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Orange Beach Waterfront Park Pier
26425 Canal Road
Orange Beach, AL 36561

GPS 30° 17'41.00" N    87° 34'30.21" W
( Foot of pier )

The Orange Beach Waterfront Park fishing pier is 390' in length over the water with an area at the end measuring 70' x 23" a shade pavilion covers a portion this. Restrooms and 7 small pavilions are in the park also.

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Perdido Pass Jetty | West Side
Orange Beach, AL 36561

Parking lot on other side of Perdido Beach Boulevard;
   27075 Perdido Beach Boulevard
   Orange Beach, AL 36561

GPS 30° 16'19.15" N    87° 33'32.20" W
( Start of jetty with water on both sides )

The jetty area with water on both side is about 800' in length. From the parking lot to the jetty is about a 1400' walk.

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USS Alabama Pier - Mobile County
2703 Battleship Parkway
Mobile, AL 36602

GPS 30° 41'00.15" N    88° 00'47.05" W
( Foot of pier )

The pier near the USS Alabama is 375' in length with a 40' tee at the end.

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Utopia Park Pier
At the intersection of;
   S. Mobile Street & Orange Avenue
   Fairhope, AL 36532

GPS 30° 30'56.32" N    87° 55'02.20" W
( Foot of pier )

Tide Station Clear Point near Utopia Park pier

The Utopia Park pier is about 110' inlength over the water and has a shade structure at the end. 9 parking spaces. No restrooms at this location.

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Village Point Park Preserve Piers
27710 Main Street
Daphne, AL 36526

GPS 30° 37'36.47" N    87° 55'14.69" W
( Foot of pier #1 )

GPS 30° 37'33.79" N    87° 55'13.98" W
( Foot of pier #2 )

Village Point Park Preserve along the eastern shore of Mobile Bay has 2 fishing piers is 170' in length over the water, this pier has a square walk around design at the end that is about 35' in length on the 4 sides, you can fish towards the middle or to the outside. Pier #2 is about 165' in length over the water. It is about a 6/10ths of a mile walk back to the pier area from the parking lot. Restrooms are in the parking lot area! You can also access the Bay Front Park pier from this location.

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White Avenue Park Pier
South Mobile Street & White Avenue
Fairhope, AL 36532

GPS 30° 31'13.03" N    87° 54'50.66" W
( Foot of pier )

The White Avenue pier is 230' in length.
Neighbors are fighting with city about this pier?
Don't let it become a victim!

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