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Arlington Park Fishing Pier
Closest intersection is;
   South Broad Street & 6th Street
    Mobile, AL 36615
The entrance to the park is about 200' south on South Broad from the above intersection.

GPS 30° 38'49.12" N    88° 03'35.65" W
( foot of pier )

Coast Gurad Mobile Sector Tide Station.

weather near Arlington Park fishing pier, Mobile, AL 36615   Tides


The Arlington Park fishing pier offers; The pier has a total length of 650', although the only fishable portions are at the end as most of the pier is over marsh grasses, at the end is a shade pavilion measuring 18' x 32' sitting on a platform measuring 34' x 45'. Restrooms are available.

Arlington Park fishing pier in Mobile, AL 36615restrooms


Cedar Point Fishing Pier
18250 Dauphin Island Parkway
Coden, AL 36523

Open 24 hours

GPS 30° 18'37.63" N    88° 08'18.10" W
( foot of pier )

Bayou La Batre / Mississippi Sound Tide Station.

weather near Cedar Point fishing pier, Coden, AL 36523   Tides


The Cedar Point fishing pier offers; A fishing pier which has multiple fingers and the length out over the water on the longest side is 760', another finger closer to the shore has about 325' of fishable length running more parallel with the shore. Restrooms are available.

No cast nets and crabbing, loud music, open flames, firearms, profanity and pets on the pier. In accordance with all Mobile County Park System’s rules, alcohol is not allowed. There is also a two fishing pole limit per person.

Cedar Point fishing pier in Coden, AL 36523restrooms


Delta Port Marina Fishing Pier
5080 Green Drive
Coden, AL 36523

GPS 30° 22'06.58" N    88° 09'40.83" W
( foot of pier )

West Fowl River 188 Bridge Tide Station.

weather near Delta Port Marina fishing pier, Coden, AL 36523   Tides


The Delta Port Marina fishing pier offers; pier that is 45' out over the water with a 35 "L" at the end.
A boat ramp is on site also.

Delta Port Marina fishing pier in Coden, AL 36523portolets


Dog River Park / Luscher Park / Navco Park Fishing Deck
2459 Dog River Drive North
Mobile, AL 36605


GPS 30° 37'46.08" N    88° 06'07.35" W
( foot of deck )

weather near Dog River / Luscher Park fishing deck, Mobile, AL 36605   Tides


The Dog River Park / Luscher Park / Nabco Park fishing deck offers; Deck measuring 22' x 21', small waterside pavilions, playground and restrooms.
A boat ramp is on site also.

Dog River / Luscher Park fishing deck in Mobile, AL 36605restrooms


USS Alabama Pier
2703 Battleship Parkway
Mobile, AL 36602

GPS 30° 41'00.15" N    88° 00'47.05" W
( Foot of pier )

The pier near the USS Alabama is 375' in length with a 40' tee at the end.

Not on navigation yet.

Walter V. Cofield Park Fishing Pier
414 Ruben Avenue
Saraland, AL 36571

GPS 30° 49'12.15" N    88° 03'30.11" W
( foot of pier )

weather near Walter Cofield Park fishing pier, Saraland, AL 36571   Tides


The Walter V. Cofield Park fishing pier in Saraland offers; Is about 200' in length running generally with the shoreline of Sara Bayou and there is a "tee" at the end which is about 25' in length, picnic tables and portolets.
A boat ramp is on site also.

Walter Cofield Park fishing pier in Saraland, AL 36571portolets


William Brooks Park Fishing Piers
601 US-43
Chickasaw, AL 36611

6am - 10pm

GPS 30° 46'54.89" N    88° 04'26.37" W
( foot of pier 1 )

GPS 30° 46'55.47" N    88° 04'23.45" W
( foot of pier 2 )

GPS 30° 46'55.24" N    88° 04'36.53" W
( foot of pier 3 )

weather near William Brooks Park fishing piers, Chickasaw, AL 36611   Tides


The William Brooks Park has 3 fishing piers along Chickasaw Creek and offers; pier 1 is a 165' walk from the parking lot and is 66' long with a 38' "tee" at the end, pier 2 a 550' walk from the parking lot and is also 66' long with a 40' "tee" at the end, pier 3 is about a 1300' walk from the parking lot and is 50' long with a 25' square shaded area at the end, picnic pavilions, and portolets.
A boat ramp is on site also.

william brooks park fishing piers in Chickasaw, AL 36611


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