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Betty Steflick ~ Wickline Fishing Pier
fishing pier icw betty steflik near flagler beach Betty Steflick Address is;
   815 Moody Lane
   Flagler Beach, FL 32136

Wickline Park address is;
   South Flagler Avenue and 9th Street
   Flagler Beach, FL 32136

GPS 29° 28'27.20" N    81° 08'02.78" W
( Main portion of pier )

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weather near Betty Steflik Park Florida   tides


This fishing pier about 150' in length over the ICW is accessible from two seperate parks, the Betty Steflick or Wickline Park. The walk from Betty Steflick parking lot to the foot of the pier is about 750 feet on a wooden walkway, The walk from the Wickline parking lot is about 2000 feet over a wooden walkway.

Go to: Video of the Betty Steflik Memorial Preserve Fishing Pier.

fishing pier betty steflick wickline parkrestrooms at the pavilion at steflik


Betty Steflick
Restrooms and Pavilion
  Wickline Park Restrooms
pavilion and restrooms at betty steflik restrooms at wickline park


Bings Landing Intracoastal Fishing Piers
5862 North Oceanshore Boulevard ( A1A )
Palm Coast, FL 32137


GPS 29° 36'58.70" N    81° 12'11.73" W
( Entrance to park )

weather near Bings Landing Florida   tides


Bings Landing along the ICW offers; 3 fishing piers, fish cleaning tables, picnic pavilions and restrooms.
A boat ramp is on site also.

Go to: Video of the Bings Landing fishing piers.

boat ramp at bings landingsaltwater fishing at bings landingfish cleaning tablesaltwater fishing from a pier at bings landingkayaking from bings landing in palm coast florida
picnic pavilions at bings landingrestrooms at bings landingscenic at bings landing parkboating from bings landing


Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park Fishing Pier / Freshwaterbulow plantation
3501 Old Kings Road
Flagler Beach FL 32136

9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday and Thursday through Sunday.
Closed Tuesday and Wednesday.
$4.00 per vehicle

GPS 29° 25'49.49" N    81° 09'12.99" W
( Entrance )

GPS 29° 26'03.92" N    81° 08'13.56" W
( Foot of pier )

The pier at Bulow Plantation is about 28' long running parallel with the shoreline about 6 feet out. Restrooms are available.

Not on map or navigation yet.

Flagler Beach Municiple Ocean Fishing Pier
flagler beach fishing pier 215 South Oceanshore Boulevard
Flagler Beach, FL 32136

Hours; 6am - Midnight
Small entrance fees

GPS 29° 28'47.19" N    81° 07'35.85" W
( Foot of pier )

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weather near Flagler Beach Florida   tides


Constructed in 1927 for the amount of $75,000
Curent length is 806 feet it was 1000 feet long at one point in its history

No alcoholic beverages

Restrooms, Bait shop & Pole rentals. Fishing license is included in the admission fee.

Go to: Video of the Flagler Beach Ocean Fishing Pier.

flagler beach fishing pierbait shop at flagler beach ocean pierrestrooms at flagler pier


restrooms at flagler beach ocean pier cleaning table at flagler pier


between lisings on saltchef
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Herschel King Sr. Park Fishing Pier
nice icw pier at herschel king park palm coast florida 1000 Grady Prather Jr. Cove
Palm Coast, FL 32135

GPS 29° 31'48.58" N    81° 09'22.09" W
( Foot of pier )

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weather near Herschel King Fishing Pier Florida   tides


The pier at Herschel King is about 50 feet off the shore and runs parallel with shoreline for about 115 feet. A shade structure at the end along with benches, running water is available at the bait cutting table. Restrooms are located at the large pavilion near the parking lot. A really nicely shaded playground is also near the pavilion. Please be sure to have your proper Florida fishing license in hand.
There is also a boat ramp on site.

Go to: Video of the Herschel King Fishing Pier.

fishing pier at herschel king palm coastbenches at herschel king fishing pierrestrooms at herschel king fishing pier


pier at herschel king park restrooms at herschel king are close to the pier


Moody Boat Launch Fishing Dock
fishing dock at moody boat launch near flagler beach 825 Moody Lane
Flagler Beach, FL 32136


GPS 29° 28' 37.80" N    81° 08' 09.45" W

weather near Moody boat launching ramp fishing dock  Florida   tides


The fishing pier / dock at Moody boat launch area is 135 feet in length running parallel with the shoreline of the Intracoastal Waterway. There is a boat ramp on site also.

Go to: Video of the Fishing Pier at the Moody Boat Ramp.

Princess Place Preserve Fishing Docks
fishing dock near lodge at princess place 2500 Princess Place Road
Palm Coast, FL 32086

GPS 29° 39'32.70" N    81° 14'13.75" W
( Fishing dock near the lodge )

GPS 29° 39'19.70" N    81° 14'40.51" W
(Fishing dock 1 near bridge )

GPS 29° 39'23.04" N    81° 14'43.32" W
( Fishing dock 2 near bridge )

weather near Princess Place Preserve Florida   tides


Go to: Video of Princess Place Preserve Fishing Piers and Amenities.

fishing docks at princess place preserverestrooms or port-o-lets depending where you fish


fishing docks near bridge at princess place preserve fishing dock near bridge


Waterfront Park Fishing Pier
pier at waterfront park palm coast florida 150 Waterfront Park Road
Palm Coast, FL 32135

GPS 29° 33'33.37" N    81° 10'32.16" W
( Foot of pier )

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weather near Waterfront Park Fishing Pier Florida   tides


The fishing pier at Waterfront Park is 80 feet in length over the waters of the ICW with a 90 foot "T" at the end. A shade pavilion at the end of the pier provides protection and comfort from the sun and weather. The pier is a short walk from parking lot, making it easily accessible. Restrooms are at the small pavilion near parking lot closest to the pier.

Go to: Video of the Waterfront Park Fishing Pier.

fishing pier at waterfront parksmall pavilion near restroomsrestrooms


entrance sign at waterfront park restrooms are close to the pier at waterfront park


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Public Fishing Piers & Bridges in Flagler County Florida
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Areas in Flagler County Florida include; Marineland, Palm Coast, Beverly Beach, Hammock, Flagler Beach, Dupont and Bimini.
Bodies of Brackish and Saltwater in Flagler County Florida include; Atlantic Ocean, Bulow Creek, Fox Cut, Intracoastal Waterway, Long Creek, Matanzas River, Pellicer Creek, Silver Lake, Smith Creek and Styles Creek.

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