County Parks and City Parks in Dixie County Florida

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Dixie County, Florida




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County and City Parks in Dixie County Florida
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Areas in Dixie County Florida include; Clara, Cross City, Eugene, Hines, Horseshoe Beach, Jonesboro, Old Town, Putnam Lodge, Shired Island, Suwannee and Yellow Jacket.
Areas of Salt and Brackish Water Dixie County Florida include; Amason Creek, Boggy Creek, Bumblebee Creek, Butler Creek, Cow Creek, Demory Creek, Fishbone Creek, Flag Creek, Gulf of Mexico, Harris Creek, Howard Creek, Jim Lee Creek, Johnson Creek, Little Rocky Creek, Lock Creek, Monden Creek, North Double Barrel Creek, Pine Log Creek, Porpoise Creek, Rocky Creek, Salt Creek, Sanders Creek, Shingle Creek, Shired Creek, South Double Barrel Creek, Steinhatchee River, Suwannee River, Tripod Creek, Turkey Creek, Wackup Creek, Week Creek and Wisher Creek.

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