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Croatan South Parking Lot
920 Vanderbilt Avenue
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

Small fee

GPS 36° 49'06.06" N    75° 58'07.34" W
( Entrance )

weather near Croatan South Parking Lot Virginia   Tides Croatan South Parking Lot


505 parking spaces, rinsing showers and restrooms. Lot can be closed occasionally due to Camp Pendleton Training exercises.

False Cape State Park
4001 Sandpiper Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23456

GPS 36° 41'17.57" N    75° 55'21.95" W
( Entrance )

weather near False Cape State Park Virginia   Tides False Cape State Park


Grommet Island Beach Park
At the intersection of;
   Atlantic Avenue & 2nd Street
   Virginia Beach, VA 23451

GPS 36° 49'50.78" N    75° 58'12.59" W
( Entrance at lot closest to beach )

weather near Grommet Island Beach Park Virginia   Tides Grommet Island Beach Park


Grommet Island Beach Park offers; beach access, swimming, sunning, rinsing showers, a wonderful interactive playground and restrooms.

Little Island Park
3820 South Sandpiper Road
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23456

GPS 36° 41'35.92" N    75° 55'30.09" W
( Entrance )

weather near Little Island Park Virginia   Tides Little Island Park


Little Island Park sits on 114 acres and offers; Beach access, 500+/- parking spaces, pavilions, grills, playground, rinsing showers and restrooms. You can also launch a canoe or kayak into Shipps Bay on the opposite side of the road.

Lynnhaven Beach Park
3576 Piedmont Circle
Virginia Beach, Virginia, 23455

GPS 36° 54'26.41" N    76° 05'46.35" W
( Entrance Area )

weather near Lynnhaven Beach Facility Virginia   Tides Lynnhaven Beach Facility


Sandbridge Beach Parking
Closest intersection is;
   Sandbridge Road & Sandpiper Road
   Virginia Beach, VA 23456
Entrance to parking area is 300' south on Sandpiper Road from above intersection.

GPS 36° 44'42.98" N    75° 56'42.06" W
( Entrance Area )

weather near Sandbridge Beach Parking Virginia   Tides Sandbridge Beach Parking


The Sandbridge Beach Parking area offers; About 110 parking spaces, beach access, rinsing showers and restrooms.

Public Beach Accesses from First Landing State Park to The Chesapeake Bay Bridge

Public Beach Accesses North of 60th Street to Fort Story

Public Beach Accesses North of Neptune Park to 60th Street

Public Beach Accesses South of Neptune Park to Croatan South

Public Beach Accesses South of Dam Neck Fleet Training

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Public Beaches and Accesses in Virginia Beach, Virginia

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Bodies of Brackish & Saltwater in Virginia Beach, Virginia Include; Ashville Bridge Creek, Atlantic Ocean, Back Bay, Beggars Bridge Creek, Blackwater Creek, Broad Bay, Buchannan Creek, Capsies Creek, Chesapeake Bay, Deal Creek, Desert Cove, Dix Creek, Eastern Branch Lynnhaven River, Hell Point Creek, Lake Rudee, Lake Wesley, Linkhorn Bay, Little Creek, Little Creek Channel, Little Neck Creek, London Bridge Creek, Long Creek, Lynnhaven Bay, Lynnhaven River, Mill Dam Creek, Nawney Creeks, North Bay, North Landing River, Pleasure House Creek, Pocaty River, Redhead Bay, Rudee Inlet, Sand Bay, Scopus Marsh, Shipps Bay, Thalia Creek, Western Branch Lynnhaven River, West Neck Creek and Wolfsnare Creek.

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