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Belle Island State Park
1632 Belle Isle Road
Lancaster, VA 22503

GPS 37° 46'58.37" N    76° 34'46.82" W
( Entrance )

739 acres, boat ramp, fishing piers. admission fees + a small fee for boat ramp use.
Click here for fee information for Virginia State Parks.

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National / State / County / City Parks with Fishing in Lancaster County, Virginia

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Areas in Lancaster County, Virginia Include; Alfonso, Brook Vale, Boer, Christ Church, Irvington, Kilmarnock, Lancaster, Lively, Merry Point, Mollusk, Monaskon, Morattico, Newtown, Ottoman, Palmer, Punches Cove, Quarter Cove, Queenstown, Senora, Somers and White Stone.
Bodies of Brackish & Saltwater in Lancaster County, Virginia Include; Antipoison Bay, Chesapeake Bay, Corrotoman River, Deep Creek, Eastern Branch Corrotoman River, Fleets Bay, Greenvale Creek, Lancaster Creek, Mulberry Creek, Rappahannock River and Western Branch Corrotoman River.

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