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Detailed Information on the Black Drum
black drum
High arched back.
10 to 14 pairs of chin barbels.
Gray or black colored body in adults with the young have 4 to 6 vertical black bars.
Cobblestone-like teeth are capable of crushing oysters. Large scales.

Black drum are an inshore fish common to bays and lagoons. They are bottom dwellers and often found around oyster beds. They may also be found offshore.

The largest member of the drum family, black drum spawn nearshore in the winter and early spring. They feed on oysters, mussels, crabs, shrimp and occasionally fish. Black drum may live to 35 or more years.

State Records:
Florida; 96 lbs, caught near Fernandina Beach
Georgia ~ 92 lb 0 oz, 2010
South Carolina ~ 89 lb 0 oz, Port Royal 1978
North Carolina ~ 100 lb 1 oz, Cape Fear River 1998
Virginia ~ 111 lb 0 oz, Off - Cape Charles 1973
Delaware ~ 115 lb 0 oz, 1978
Fishing Tips and Facts:
The vertical bars on juvenile Black Drum, are somewhat similar to those on Sheepshead and Spadefish.

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