silver perch




Detailed Information on the Silver Perch
silver perch
Color silvery with yellowish fins.
No spots.
No chin barbels.
No prominent canine teeth at tip of upper jaw.
Preopercle finely serrated.
5 to 6 chin pores.
Mouth terminal.

Silver perch are found inshore in seagrass beds, tidal creeks and rivers, and marshes.

Spawning takes place in shallow, saline portions of bays and other inshore areas, peaking between May and September. Silver perch mature by second or third year ( by 6 inches ). Adults eat crustaceans and small fishes. They may live to 6 years.

State Records:
Florida ~ Not Eligible

Additional Information:
Silver perch are similar in appearance to the sand seatrout, Cynoscion arenarius. Seatrout usually have 1 or 2 prominent canine teeth at tip of upper jaw and do not have chin pores.

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