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The American Angler magazine focuses on the fly fishing aspect of fishing. Techniques and how-to information are in every issue. This started in 1978 as a quarterly newsletter called the Fly Tyer. The magazine went through some difficulties early on and in 1992 was acquired by MCC Magazines. The magazine has become a staple in the lives of 35,000 people. The subscribers of this publication are predominately male and well-educated and devoted to the sport of fly fishing.

A typical article in American Angler will talk about what types of insects are hatching at specific times in certain regions of the country and how to tie these flies. The directions for tying flies are called recipes, with ingredients like Slinky fiber, Softex, Plastic-dip, rubber legs, grizzly hackles, Zonker strip, Cactus Chenille, Krystal Flash, Flashabou, Dumbbells, Gel thread, Daiichi hooks and Uni-cord to name just a few.

Wet flies and dry flies are explored in detail. Saltwater and freshwater fly fishing is addressed. This magazine can be a great gift for that aspiring or seasoned fly fisherman or fisherwoman in your life.

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