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Bon Appetit means "enjoy your meal" in French and this magazine is published monthly as an entertainment and food extravaganza. Started by M. Frank Jones in Kansas City in 1956 it stands out as a culinary masterpiece for over 50 years. Mr. Jones held the reigns of publisher and editor until 1970, at which point the magazine was with the Pillsbury Co. who then transferred it to Knapp Communications. The headquarters of Bon Appetit are currently in New York City.

Bon Appetit encourages reader to "cook the cover" every month and send photos to them. Meatless Mondays is another section of Bon Appetit devoted to vegetarians and ones that want a break from meat. The Celebreaties is the section devoted to celebrities and photographs of them eating.

bon appetit award winning coverFood awards given to Bon Appetit have included The James Beard Award ( food journalism ) and the American Society of Magazine Editors for the most delicious cover, which was a photograph by Kenji Toma depicting an ice cream cone in mid melt. The impossible drip as they called it, most likely helped propel this finalist into the winning position. This cover was on the August of 2008 issue.



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