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Have you been looking for the perfect leather hat? Take a look through our selection of great classic styled hats to see if one of these is just what you've been searching for. Whether you want a cowboy look or prefer a more subtle bush style hat, there's one to suit you.

Most people don't even consider bringing a leather hat with them when they travel. It's time to re-think that! Crushable leather hats are here, and they are great! And they are waterproof - yes they are. We even have ones that fold up in a pouch. (Honest - they do!)

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Stockman Oily Leather Hat

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See the hat sizing chart.

Australian hats are more popular than ever, and this one is THE classic Aussie hat. This is made from highgrade durable leather and is crafted with care. It will be with you for a lifetime, just getting better with age (like all of us!).

The details in the creation and craftmanship of this leather hat are what makes it such a winner. The 3" brim is edged internally with high tensile fencing wire. This allows you to not only shape the hat to your head for a better fit, but you can ajust the brim angle to give you more or less shade. It also lets you create your own style. Keep the brim turned up on the sides and you have a classic cowboy look. Turn the brim down on the sides and go for the Cagney look!

The steerhide is treated with waxes and oils, giving it a smooth finish and offering the leather protection from rain, snow and baking sun. The hat is double stitched and glued, ensuring for a lifetime of wear. The band is hand braided three plait leather. Oh yeah, there's a nice soft suede sweat band on the inside giving this a more comfortable fit than most standard leather hats. These are hand made in Australia by B.C. Hats. If you know this company, then you know they make a quality product.



Hat n Pouch Oily Leather

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See the hat sizing chart.

When you need to look cool and keep cool while you're travelling, this is the hat to have. Made of soft leather, this hat comes in its own pouch. (Kangaroo not included - just the pouch.) It literally folds up and goes into a hip bag. Remove it from the bag, and it springs back to life looking new and no worse for the wear.

Crafted from soft and durable steer hide, the leather is treated with waxes and oils. This keeps it soft and supple, plus it creates a barrier to snow and rain. There's a good size 3" brim that's reinforced with flexible wire. That's what gives this hat the special touch, and allows it to fold up and then come back to life.

The hat band is a standard style, but high quality ~ made of leather that is hand braided. Go for the classic outback hat brown or be a modern and choose the black. These leather hats are great for both men and women - just pick the right size. Each hat is handmade by BC Hats in Australia - the original Australian outback hat company.



Bush Walker Oily Leather

$61.49 ~ Free Shipping in the USA *

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See the hat sizing chart.

Are you planning your next adventure in the Australian Bush? Well then you need to take this hat with you! OK - maybe you're just going out for a jaunt in your local woods. This hat is perfect for that kind of outing as well. The key is the lower crown on this leather hat. The lower profile makes it less easy to be ripped off your head by wild animals and strangling vines. (Think we need a vacation?)

This great leather hat is made from soft and durable steer hide. And, like all great hats made for travelling, it has a flexible wire in the brim. This allows the hat to be crushed, sat on, driven on or dropped off a cliff - and then it just springs back to life.

The 3" wide brim gives ample sun protection. The smooth finish to the leather is created with waxes and oils - giving the leather plenty of protection from the elements. A nice leather hand braided hat band gives this plenty of style. Great for both men and women. Made by BC Hats, in Australia, and crafted with pride.



Swagman Oily Leather

$54.49 ~ Free Shipping in the USA *

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See the hat sizing chart.

You and your hat can get through anything! That's the underlying philosophy with this great Australian leather hat. Been there, done that, and I'm still hanging in there. Start with quality leather and quality craftsmanship and you get a quality product. It's just that simple.

This leather hat starts with durable high quality, soft, steer hide. A nice smooth finish is achieved by applying waxes and oils to the leather. That helps to keep the leather, and you, protected from the elements. Well, the wide 3" brim helps.

As always with BC original Australian hats, there's a good looking braided leather hat band. And, because this is made for travel, it comes fitted with a flexible wire in the brim. That lets you crush this hat and have it still look good afterwards. It's just the hats' way of letting you know it's ready for another adventure. Hey - listening to a hat is a good as anything else sometimes!



Bac Pac Oily Leather Hat

$68.49 ~ Free Shipping in the USA *

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See the hat sizing chart.

These hats were made for travelling~ Crush 'em - sit on 'em - get 'em wet. They'll be just fine! A combination of quality workmanship and great design yields the perfect travelling companion. (Ah- don't tell your mate that.)

This hat starts with excellent durable, highgrade, soft steer hide. Waxes and oils are then applied to the leather, allowing it to become waterproof and to stay soft and supple. Next, add an ingenious flexible wire to the brim, and you have a hat that can take a beating and come back looking as good as new. Finally, throw on a removable leather braided hat band, and you can switch up the styling whenever you want.

The brim on this leather hat is a bit shorter than others, measuring in at 2 3/4". It gives the hat a more relaxed and less formal look. Ladies, if you're looking for your own style, try putting a great scarf in place of the hat band. BC Hats proudly hand makes these great leather hats in Australia, and Salt Chef sells them with equal pride.

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How to measure your hat size.
Using a tape measure, measure the widest part of your head, just above the ears and eyebrows, to the nearest 1/8th inch. Purchase an inexpensive flexible tape measure from a dollar store, craft shop or sewing store to get the best measurement.

Our sizing charts allows you to order a hat with confidence once you know the head measurement.


  Hat SizeInchesMetric
X Small Kids 6 5/820 3/4" 53cm
Small 6 3/4 - 6 7/8 21 1/4" - 21 5/8" 54cm - 55cm
Medium 7 - 7 1/822 - 22 3/8" 56cm - 57cm
Large 7 1/8 - 73/8 22 3/8" - 23 1/4" 58cm - 59cm
X Large 7 1/2 - 7 5/823 1/2" - 24" 60cm - 61cm
XX Large 7 3/4 - 7 3/424 3/8" - 24 3/4" 62cm - 63cm
XXX Large 825 1/8" 64cm









How to care for your Australian Leather Hats

•Smooth (full grain, wax/oily, or distressed finish) leather may be periodically treated with leather dressing or saddle soap.

•Hats may also be treated with a waterproof spray if necessary.

•Some shrinkage may occur if exposed to extreme heat e.g. drying out by an open fire or left exposed to strong sunlight in a closed vehicle.

•The stiffening along the edge of the brim allows the hat to be shaped as desired.
Some hats come with a flexible filament in the brim to allow the hat to be crushed.

•A chin strap may be added by using the eyelet holes on each side of the crown to thread the strap.

•Each hat will develop its own individual shape and character with wear.

•Any scratches or marks on leather are not to be considered flaws.
They occur naturally and are merely proof of its authenticity.

Australian leather hats - more styles on page 2



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