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Exceptional canvas hats that will stand the test of time are hard to find. Well, look no more!

The Cool As A Breeze line of outdoor hats is amazing. They are made of waterproof canvas and both the ladies and mens hats have a generous 3 inch wide brim. The crown of the hat is an open solar mesh which allows the nice cool breezes to flow through, keeping your head protected and cool at the same time.

The style is that of a classic Aussie bush hat ~ a combination of rugged, practical and attractive. Want to know the best part of these great outdoor hats? They Are Crushable! No kidding. Each brim is reinforced with a flexible wire that coils up when pushed down. Let go of the hat, or stop sitting on it, and it pops back to its original shape.

These hats are great for fishing or just walking the beach. Each hat is handmade by BC Hats in Byron Bay, Australia. This family company is dedicated to quality and service, and they consider each hat they make to be a work of art. Pretty neat!

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Cool As A Breeze
Canvas Ladies Hat

$56.49 ~ Free Shipping in the USA *

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See the hat sizing chart.

This wide brim ladies hat is made of waterproof canvas. The 3" brim is reinforced with a flexible wire, allowing the hat to be crushed and then easily put back into its original shape. If you've been looking for a great Aussie adventure hat, this is the perfect choice.

The crown is a solar mesh, allowing a breeze to pass through - perfect for those hot days! There are snaps on the side of the hat so that scarves can be changed, giving the hat a whole new look each time you wear it. These are handmade in Australia by BC Hats. The scarfs vary on every order. Have one of your own available and you'll have two to swap around right away!

What a great hat to have on hand when you're travelling, as it crushes and comes back to life! Terrfic for walking on the beach when you want to keep the sun off your head and face but want to let in those great ocean breezes. For all you fisherwomen out there, this is THE perfect hat - it's waterproof, crushable, and can be wiped clean.



Cool As A Breeze
Canvas Hat

$55 ~ Free Shipping in the USA *

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See the hat sizing chart.

What a great waterproof canvas hat! Done in a classic Australian bush style, this hat has a unique twist. The crown of the hat is made of a solar mesh, allowing air to flow freely through the top. The perfect hat choice when you're out fishing in the hot weather and want to keep the sun off your head and face.

This canvas hat sports a hand braided three plait leather band. The brim is a generous 3" wide.

There's a lot of great things about this hat! It's crushable. Really! There's a coiled wire spring in the brim. So if you sit on it in the boat, it will hang in there and still look good when you're having your picture taken of you and the 3' long fish you just caught. The nice looking cotton chin cord comes with it - so in theory, it won't blow off your head into the water. (Of course that is assuming you put the thing under your chin. Ah - the hat does not float - so this is a good idea!) It is handmade in Australia, by BC Hats - a company with an outstanding reputation.


*  Love these hats but live outside the US? Contact us, tell us where you live and what you want to buy and we'll send you an exact shipping quote.


How to measure your hat size.
Using a tape measure, measure the widest part of your head, just above the ears and eyebrows, to the nearest 1/8th inch. Purchase an inexpensive flexible tape measure from a dollar store, craft shop or sewing store to get the best measurement.

Our sizing charts allows you to order a hat with confidence once you know the head measurement.


  Hat SizeInchesMetric
X Small Kids 6 5/820 3/4" 53cm
Small 6 3/4 - 6 7/8 21 1/4" - 21 5/8" 54cm - 55cm
Medium 7 - 7 1/822 - 22 3/8" 56cm - 57cm
Large 7 1/8 - 73/8 22 3/8" - 23 1/4" 58cm - 59cm
X Large 7 1/2 - 7 5/823 1/2" - 24" 60cm - 61cm
XX Large 7 3/4 - 7 3/424 3/8" - 24 3/4" 62cm - 63cm
XXX Large 825 1/8" 64cm









How to care for your Cool As A Breeze Canvas Hat

•Canvas hats can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

•All hats may be treated with a waterproof spray if necessary.

•Some shrinkage may occur if exposed to extreme heat e.g. drying out by an open fire or left exposed to strong sunlight in a closed vehicle.

•These hats come with a flexible filament in the brim to allow the hat to be crushed.

•A chin strap may be added by using the eyelet holes on each side of the crown to thread the strap. These canvas hats come with a cotton chin strap.

•Each hat is fitted with a soft and absorbent cotton sweatband.

•Hats develop their own individual shape and character with wear.


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